Thank You, Friendly Diners!

After each performance by The Starlite Chorale, we can usually be found at a nearby diner/restaurant enjoying the fellowship of a meal together.

The Starlite chorale sitting around a long dinner table

The Starlite Chorale about to enjoy dinner at the Blue Swan Diner

This past weekend, we did a show on Saturday and Sunday, so we wound up at a different one of “our” diners each evening. So what makes a diner a place that The Starlite Chorale will return to over and over again?

Not just any diner will do. First of all, the place must be wheelchair accessible. After that, it must be open late on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays,, when we perform most of our shows. And by “open late”, we mean a place that would be perfectly okay with a group of 20 people coming for a late dinner at 8:00 PM Sunday night. In other words, a place with very good management and really, top-notch servers. Good food is important, as well.

But most importantly, it must be a place where people will enjoy hearing us sing after dinner. If a place is like that, they can expect to see us over and over again. Diners are often like that. They don’t take themselves so seriously at a diner as they do at a “fine restaurant”, where decorum forbids groups of people singing because it might annoy the other diners.

So this past weekend, since we were performing in Neptune on Saturday, we headed up Route 35 to the Blue Swan Diner, Oakhurst; then, after Sunday’s show near Princeton, we went north on Route 206 to the Star Diner in Hillsborough  are just the most recent examples of places we like to eat at.

Places like (in no particular order) the Fontainebleau Diner in Piscataway, the Rustic Mill in Cranford, the Menlo Park Diner in Edison, and the Scotchwood Diner in Watchung.

If you happen to be hungry and near any of these fine places, we would be happy if you went there to eat. This is just a small way that we in the Starlite Chorale could say “Thank you!” to these places that were so welcoming.

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