Happy Birthday to Us!

Then, it was 1995.

On the crisp autumn evening of October 5, 1995, at a table in the Rustic Mill Diner in Cranford [NJ], Tony Godlefski and a small group of talented, dedicated friends decided to establish a new singing group…with the ideal of bringing bright, lively music to its audiences…

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Now, it is 2010.

9 singers and Director Dr. Tony Godlefski of The Starlite Chorale all in white shirts and black pants as viewed from the back of the performance hall

The Starlite Chorale, caught paying attention to our director, Dr. Tony Godlefski

The Starlite Chorale is 15 years old! Our mission was then, and is now, to sing and bring fun, lightness and joy to audiences around New Jersey, especially to people who can’t get out much. One such place is Cranford Senior Housing, Cranford, NJ. We were there to help them celebrate the opening of their brand-new recreation center, a big room with excellent acoustics.

a picture of the choir arranged and singing "In the Still of the Night"

It is named after Adele Gilman, the current director of Cranford Senior Housing, who has invited the Starlite Chorale to perform year after year.

It was an excellent show — everyone seemed in great voice, we were all happy to see each other after an extra-long hiatus, and the sound we made together was beautiful even to us.

Drummer on left, pianist on right, looking out of frame at the singers

The indispensable yet little-perceived performers who give us the power to shine!

After the show, as is our immemorial custom, about a dozen of us wound up at the Windsor Diner for a late dinner. It felt like Thanksgiving dinner for our musical family.

We celebrate the coming of spring with songs of the Great American Songbook, and it makes the cold end of winter feel like spring. For the coming of Christmas and winter, we mark the celebration of the birth of Christ, and it feels like Christmas all the way from September to December.. (I happily practice my Christmas music on Halloween. I am sure it creates just a little incongruity and weirdness for the trick-or-treaters).

It is a great blessing to me to be a member of this group, and everyone from the director on down agrees with me on this. We, the Starlite Chorale are like a family with no borders, bound together with love of music. I hope that my entries here will help bring you, visitor to this blog, to come to a show. You will feel like part of the family, because, my friend, that is what you will be.

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