Christmas Music at Halloween

If you are already familiar with us, you know our ideal in the Starlite Chorale is to learn our music well enough that we could dispense with the printed music altogether. This allows us to smile and catch the eyes of our audience, and to draw them in to each song. In this way, we might encourage the attendees to become part of the show, and not to listen only.

This ideal is harder to achieve in reality than in theory. It is partly because there is a shocking amount of hard rehearsal work that goes into competently performing any choral piece. For any choir it is the same; we are talking about hours of rehearsal, and what we hope to get out of it is, perhaps, a 3 1/2 minute miracle of song. To competently deliver a piece, deliver a song, it helps that the time spent will make the beauty of the music seem effortless, a force of nature like the wind and the sun.

One Halloween, when the children were still small and their mother shepherded them around the neighborhood, I stayed home on door duty, duly doling out the candy to children little and big. In my neighborhood there has never been a steady flow of trick-or-treaters, so there was a lot of waiting in between groups. It should come as no surprise that I filled these gaps sitting at the piano, (which is no more than 5 feet from the door) singing music from the upcoming Starlite Chorale Christmas show. I like to imagine that this was very appropriate for Halloween, adding disorienting weirdness as the trick-or-treaters came up to the door. “Why is he singing Christmas music?” they might ask themselves, “Have we come to the house of someone who is not quite right in the head?” (As a choral singer, I must admit the answer is “Yes!”)

For a couple of years now, it has not been feasible for us to stage a Christmas Show. I have not had any Christmas music to sing for a couple of Halloweens running.

This year is different, because I do have a Starlite Chorale Christmas show to look forward to – and so do you! Yes, we are back with our joyful, family Christmas Show, and our multi-talented Starlite Chorale.

You, our audience, will enjoy our mix of the sacred music of Christmas and the happy songs of Yuletide celebration that you remember. In fact, all the things that our audience expects for such a show will be there, including our puppet choir, our audience-participation “The 12 Days of Christmas”, a sing-along, and the literal dancing of “The Lord of the Dance”! We will keep you posted on this blog and otherwise so you know when everything will happen.

Join us for our family celebration of Christmas.

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