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Thank You for using the G.S. Parkway

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The Starlite Chorale has a widely distributed membership, in an array of towns that goes from Emerson, NJ in the north down to Monroe Township, NJ in the south. In a way, we owe our continuing existence to the Garden State Parkway! With such a membership, choice of a rehearsal site is crucial, can’t be too far from highways, and must be wheelchair accessible. Such a place exists at Centenary United Methodist Church in Metuchen, NJ. On behalf of the Starlite Chorale, I would like to thank the pastor of this church, Rev. Anna Thomas, as well as its fine people for inviting us to make it our rehearsal home.

I would also like to thank St. Matthew the Apostle RC Church in Edison for having hosted our rehearsals for the past three years. Needs of the church and the school, however had to take precedence, and they couldn’t continue hosting our rehearsals. But not to worry, we will be there once again performing our traditional Christmas show on Epiphany, January 8, 2012. We are happy that we have a continuing relationship with this kindly and generous church.

And speaking of kindness and generosity, here are more than a few musical notes of thanks, courtesy of Natalie Merchant. It is a video full of happiness and gratitude. They are good things to see, these sometimes elusive blessings.

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