Thanks and Thanksgiving From Our Director

Before the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday, Starlite performed at McAuley Hall, which is a nursing home in Watchung, NJ. Most of the residents are elderly nuns of the order called Sisters of Mercy. After the show, our director sent the following to us, the performers:

“Thursday, November 28th, 2013
To the musicians of the Starlite Chorale
From Tony Godlefski

Dear Starliter,

The chapel rang with song that night.

Those walls, richly steeped in devout prayer and spiritual song, would vibrate with spiritual energy. That space, the spiritual home of persons deeply devoted to a life focused on God, would be a place of heart lifting rejoicing that night.

Outside it was very dark. There was cold, and wind, and rain. But within, there was light.

And so, the Sisters encouraged us, and we sang for them – and for the Lord. Oh, how you sang! What amazing sounds – full, rich, sonorous, then quiet, blended, sensitive, sparkling, devout, fun, heartfelt, joyous, gracious – all wrapped together like a Christmas present to people whom we do not know well, but whose lifetime mission we salute and admire.

How they looked forward to hearing you! Their words of thanks were so gracious and kind. And when they assured us with their warm and steady smile of their prayers for us, well, down in our hearts, we know we’ve been prayed for deeply and well.

The puppets brought smiles to their faces and sparkle to their eyes. And when we joined hands and sang “Auld Lang Syne”, a sacred energy went from one to another as the Great Bell of Joy rang its note, its deepest sound ringing in our hearts, drawing all of us together as one.

Thank you for Tuesday night, November 26th, 2013 at McAuley Hall. You sang a wonderful concert, my Friend.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. To each and every one connected with our Starlite Chorale – I give thanks to God for you.

Love and joy to you –
Your friend,


I’ve previously described the Starlite Chorale as being all about joy,  but we could not have given so much joy to our audiences without you, our emcee, our conductor, and our director.

Writing on behalf of the performers, we thank you for your work in making us all about joy.

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