Christmas is coming, but not without a Starlite show*

* Lord willing and the crick don’t rise!

I remember when I was a child, there were always signs that went up detailing the number of “shopping days before Christmas”. This actually meant something back then because, unlike today, A) the signs didn’t go up till the day after Thanksgiving, and B) in many places there was no Sunday shopping. Oh, yes, and C) you couldn’t just go online, in your underwear, at any hour of the day or night and order pretty much anything, reasonably expecting it to get there pretty much whenever you want. Having enough time to shop was a more precious commodity in the past. Nowadays, it’s enough to know how many days until Christmas. So, I have included a helpful countdown clock at the top of this post.

So we know that Christmas is once again coming. We also know that there will be a Starlite Chorale Christmas show to kick off the season. But as yet, no man knoweth the day or the hour when that show will start.

So friends, keep your eyes occasionally on this blog, and if you are on our email list, keep your eyes on your inbox. (If you would like to put your name on our email list, just click here, and we will do the rest.) We will keep you informed, and hope to see every one of your smiling faces coming in to celebrate with us.

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