And so it begins…Again!

The Starlite chorale Christmas season began in earnest this past Tuesday, when we did our first performance of the 2013 Christmas show, “Christmas from the Heart”. It being our first show of the season, we were still ironing out a few kinks – such as “what’s next?”, and “where do we stand for the song?” At times you could’ve heard a pin drop as we singers all stood, unsure of what we were doing next. You could say we were working out our staging with fear and trembling.

We performed it in the chapel at McAuley Hall, which is a nursing home in Watchung, NJ. I believe that most of the residents are elderly nuns of the order called the Sisters of Mercy. The chapel is simple and beautiful, and the acoustics are just perfect. And of course, the audience knows all the words to the songs! As we shake their hands and speak to them after the show, they make sure we all understand that they are happy to have us there. And we are happy to be there. The blessings go from them to us and from us to them.

We often say that our show is a great way for everyone to start (or end !) the Christmas season. But for us, our first show of the season, when we can see how the holiday music works its joyful magic, is a great way for us to begin our season.

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