A thank you from the director to the performers

Our director, Dr. Anthony J Godlefski, sent this message to us performers after our March 7 performance at Roosevelt Care Center.
Dear Starliter,
My heart is filled with music this morning –
your music.

What a powerful, dynamic experience yesterday was.
You sang beautifully.
More than that, you reached out – with your smile, your eyes, your hands,
your listening, and your voice,
to touch those people at Roosevelt.

On that sunshine bright winter’s day,
you took time and strength and talent and energy
and gave it away to those folks.
Folks who could not walk back into the great outdoors as we did.
You brought joy to them.
You paid attention.
You let them know you saw them.
You helped them sing.
And conduct.
And remember.
And smile.
And respond.

Thank you, dear Friend.
You did a truly good thing.
You always do.

For now, just know I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m wishing you a great day.

Love and joy,

As members of the Starlite Chorale, we have learned many things from our director. But the most important thing we have all learned from him is how to say yes:
Is it possible for me to commit all this music to memory?
Is it possible for me to lose my fear of looking people in the eye when I sing?
Is it possible for me show the emotion of what I am singing on my face?
If we in the Starlite Chorale know how to connect with people, or have learned how to reach out with our smiles and our eyes, it is because we continually learn from him. In the Starlite Chorale, we are all about bringing joy through music. We can do that because we have learned from the best.

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