Who We Are As a Group

We Are The Starlite Chorale

When we are together as a group, each one of us
represents our group.

The Starlite Chorale is…

… Professional in spirit, attitude, and performance.
Our performances are done to high musical standards. We are time-sensitive and audience-sensitive.
We are dedicated to quality rehearsals, musical techniques, and performances.

… Respectful.
Some members of our audiences may have physical, emotional, or geriatric challenges. Our attitude and spirit toward them (and toward ourselves as members) is always one of deep respect.

… Dedicated.
Concert attendance and rehearsal attendance are priorities. Starlite is not an “optional” activity. We depend on each other, and are determined not to let each other or our audiences down. Timeliness is a priority.

… Tobacco-free.
Starlite Chorale is a vocal ensemble, and its members do not use tobacco in any form.
Starlite will not perform or rehearse where tobacco smoke is in the air.

… Alcohol-free.
When we are together in any Starlite-related activity, whether before, during, or after rehearsals or concerts, we do not drink alcoholic beverages.

… Spiritual.
We occasionally pray for and with each other. Although our members may have different Church homes, we are people of faith. Our rehearsals often end with a circle prayer, and we remember the intentions of those who wish to ask for prayer.

… Auditioned.
Starlite is an auditioned group. Auditions have two phases:

A. Vocal audition: we determine the range and voice part of a singer, and their ability to match pitch and especially their ability to imitate and control vocal sounds.
B. Rehearsal Audition: Attendance at three rehearsals is required before a singer can be accepted into Starlite membership.

… Helpful.
We all pitch in and help carry equipment, set up the stage, help with costuming, take things down, and volunteer with the many logistic tasks needed to make the group function.

… Fun!
We are a musical family, and like a family, there is a holiday spirit when we get together. We are serious but not solemn. We each bring our gifts, and we share them with happiness and laughter.
Be prepared to have fun!